Frank Murphy – Lead Guitar & Vocals

Also know as “Murph”, Frank is the namesake of The Murphtones and has played guitar since the age of 13. Frank patterned his musical background after the 70’s FM rock-and-roll groups. Frank has played in a number of Rock bands since High School, as well as performing with The Green River Music Company, a Las Vegas-style production group formerly associated with Green River Community College’s Professional Entertainment Program.


Jim Kleinbeck – Bass Guitar & Vocals

Jim has unquestionably received the title of “Crowd-Pleaser”. Simply singing or playing bass is not enough for Jim. If you listen to The Murphtones, you’re on Jim’s list to get into the party mood. Another former member of The Green River Music Company, Jim performed quite often at the Auburn Avenue Theater and now he manages the theater for the City of Auburn. He has also was a featured entertainer with The Miss Auburn Pageant and now is the producer of the pageant.


Bryce Lockard – Lead Vocals

Bryce is another entertainer at heart, previously with the Rainier Chorale from Kent and various community theaters. The Murphtones introduced Bryce to the lead vocal position 4 years ago and he has been at the forefront of the band keeping band moving throughout the gig.


Ponce Bautista – Drums

Ponce’s musical background started with 8 years of marching with various drum and bugle corps. Ponce has also played with numerous musical groups and rock bands since High School. He was involved with St. Stephen’s Life Teen band, druming for Choral Sounds Northwest, and a member of a local jazz trio named ‘A Measure Ahead’. Being with the Murphtones helps him complete his quest to play with talented, entertaining, musicians.


Jim Abernethy, Guitar(s), Sax & Bass Guitar

Jim is a local elementary school music teacher and has played in many groups of various genres throughout the years. Also a former member of the fraternal order of the Green River Music Company, Jim loves to entertain…regardless if you want him to or not!